I’m in Love with Fitness Technology

I’m a health and fitness nut, and everyone that knows me, knows this as a fact! This includes my family. A couple of years ago, my husband got me a birthday present that he thought I would enjoy. A Fitbit fitness monitor watch. And he was right. I’m now in love with fitness technology!

With my new watch, I was able to monitor the steps that I took each day. With kids, work, and family I was hitting my step goal, very easily and early in the day. And, when I was taking care of our new puppy, I was giving the watch a good workout, and I was getting one as well! Overall, there are a number of Fitbit benefits that I used to track my fitness and my health.

But monitoring steps isn’t the only thing you can keep track of with my fitness watch. I was also able to keep track of what my heart rate is. This has been handy when I am at the gym or when I am running. It gives me my current heart rate, but with an accompanying app, it gives me a historical look and what my average rate is. In addition, the watch will be able to track your exercise, sleep pattern (if I wear it to bed), how many floors I walked and can also track my nutrition when I enter the information on my phone. Also, it’s got a bit of my mother built into the watch, since each hour it reminds me to get up and move. While my mother never had to remind me to get up and move, as a good mom she always had something to say…haha!

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The Fitbit watch has been a very nice addition to my normal health routine. I’ve always looked for ways to keep up with my fitness level. Fitness has been important to me as well as my family. But my watch is only a small part of achieving my fitness and health goals.

I have used a number of different apps over the past few years with my smartphone that have been helpful to me. Each have been useful in meeting my goals and many offered tips on how you can be healthier. I found that while I didn’t always listen to all of the tips, some were quite helpful and nudged me in the right direction.

While what worked for me, may not work for you! I’m going to list a few of the better health and fitness apps that I have found (in my opinion only!). The good thing about apps for your smartphone, either Android or Apple, is that you can take it with you. As a runner I’ve always been interested in how far, and how fast, I am running. One of the best apps I used was Mapmyrun. It’s available as an Android and Apple download. This app gives you the distance you covered, the pace you are running and even the calories that you have burned. By wearing your phone, you can track your progress when you run.

Another concern that I had after I had my kids was losing some of the weight that I was having trouble getting rid of. So, I started looking for a good fitness app which deals with diets. Myfitnesspal is a helpful source of information on food and other topics. The app has recipes, dietary information and much more to help meet fitness and health goals.

These are just a few of the apps and information sites that I have found helpful, and serves as a nice supplement to the information that I can get from my Fitbit watch. You can find additional information by doing some online searches. And you too can meet your health and fitness goals.

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