Chocolate is My Kryptonite

So, Superman has kryptonite, Achilles had his heel and I have chocolate. That’s right, you heard it here and I admit it…I’m a chocoholic! Phew, I feel better now that this is out in the open. No more sneaking around and wearing disguises to the chocolate store, hiding chocolate in the house and raiding my kids Halloween treats and Easter baskets for the best chocolate (in the name of child safety, of course!).

Okay, it’s not that bad, but I do love my chocolate. I love chocolate candy, chocolate cake, chocolate fudge, milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and even bakers chocolate. I’ve been this way for most of my life, and my love for chocolate can be traced back to my Uncle Stan. When I was a small girl, Uncle Stan always had candy around the house and it was usually the good chocolate that he had and gave me. This put me on the path of being the person I am today.

As you probably know I am a health nut. I like to exercise, run, eat properly and profess the importance of being healthy to whoever will listen. I know what your thinking, you are a health nut, but you love chocolate. This doesn’t add up. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being healthy and I also love chocolate. It’s not the only part of my diet, but if I topped off my meal with a small piece of cake or candy, it’s not so bad.

In fact, some scientific research has been completed saying that moderate amounts of chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can have some health benefits. Dark chocolate has been shown to be nutritious, a source of Antioxidants, lower your blood pressure, help your cholesterol, help reduce the risk of heart disease, help protect your skin from the sun and even help improve your brain function.

Even milk chocolate has showed some helpful benefits. Modest amounts of milk chocolate has proven to improve people’s mental well being, improve your heart health and even help alleviate your cough. Also, because of the caffeine content in chocolate, it can be helpful by providing a temporary boost in energy and provide a temporary improvement in your concentration.

“Chocolate Strawberries” by Choconancy1 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

However, I do have to stress the importance of eating modest amounts of chocolate. A piece or two of small candies will not do any harm to you. But, if you are sitting down and eating a one pound box of chocolates thinking that it is going to be good for your health – think again! Prolonged eating of large amounts of chocolate will have negative effects on your blood pressure, heart health and will generally make you sick.

One quick story about my love of chocolate. I’ve run many road races and several have taken place in downtown areas where I have passed store fronts. Most of the time I ignore the names and types of stores that I passed and if you asked me to name what I passed I probably won’t be able to remember them. That’s not the case when I pass a candy store. I can remember the name, what was in the window and I can swear I can even remember the smell of the chocolate when I went by.

If you are like me and appreciates the look, smell and taste of chocolate, remember, if you eat a modest amount of chocolate you should be fine as long as you don’t overdo it. Besides it’s better if you take your time eating chocolate and savoring the moment!

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