How to Fight the Coronavirus 15

You are probably thinking, is this a new threat? Is it classified as a new pandemic by the World Health? No, but the Coronavirus 15 is a problem, and is something that needs to be addressed. So, what exactly is the Coronavirus 15?

You probably remember back in your college days. You left home where you were on a regimen where you eat regular meals and got plenty of rest. Unfortunately, when you went to college during your Freshman year you had all the freedom in the world. You could go to sleep late, eat fast food and snack on a constant basis any time you like. For many of us, that first year you get the Freshman 15. That is 15 extra pounds that you did not leave home with.

This past year has been very turbulent for many people. With COVID-19, businesses and schools closed, people were ordered to stay in place, millions of people were suddenly unemployed, and our normal lives were disrupted. Since people were not able to leave on a regular basis, many people stayed home, ate, and forgot about exercising. All the extra eating, and not exercising is causing many people to gain extra weight…the Coronavirus 15! And in some cases, like my husband, it is closer to the Coronavirus 25!

My husband is not alone. In May, WebMD conducted a survey of their readers to see if they have gained weight during the pandemic. Over 1,000 people responded to the survey which indicated 47% of women gained weight and 22% of the men respondents gained weight during the stay at home period. Without going to the gym or any other outside activities, we have fallen into bad habits concerning our weight. But it is not a lost cause, and it is time to address this problem.

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In our house we are starting to tackle this “weighty” problem. Now that the weather is getting better, everyone is anxious to get outside and resume normal activities. While everything is not back to normal, we are getting out and staying within the guidelines set out by the state and by the Center for Disease Control to control the spread of COVID-19. Despite not being able to do everything we used to do to stay in shape, we can do enough to get back to where we were.

In the past month or two I have been having my family start some outdoor activities. My daughter loves to play tennis, so we have been going to the court at least once a week. My son loves riding his bicycle, so we have been going on family bike rides through bike trails in our area. My husband enjoys golfing, so he has gotten back to the golf course and has been walking the course instead of taking a cart. And me? I love to run, and even though all my planned road races have been cancelled, I have been outside putting in the miles, and have started competing in virtual road races. And we have all been taking turns walking our dog. In fact, she has been outside so much, she is the one that is losing weight!

This is just a small sample of ways that families can get back into shape during the Coronavirus pandemic. I am sure that you can come up with several more ways that you can get outside, enjoy the nice weather, and get some exercise. Of course, if the weather or time do not allow you a lot of outside exercise, you can still do yoga, exercises, and lift weights to keep healthy. The important thing is that you try to make time in your life and do some type of exercise. This will help fight off the effects of the Coronavirus 15!

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