About Jennifer Fuller

Hi, my name is Jennifer, but you can call me Jen. But don’t call me Jenny, because that’s what my older brother used to call me when we were young, and it still bothers me. I want to take a minute to tell you a little something about myself and about healthkissed.com.

I am the middle child of three kids. One older brother and one younger sister. As the middle child I kind of went through childhood without any fanfare, and not really noticed by my parents, unless I did something wrong. Fortunately, that wasn’t too frequent and when I did do something, I could always pass it off on my little sister (sorry Kelly!).

I was a pretty good student and athlete in high school. I was a low A/high B student for most of my high school years. As I mentioned I was a pretty good athlete, too and I ran cross country in the fall, played basketball in the winter and softball in the spring. I’ve always liked to be busy and sports was a great outlet for me. In fact, I would say my love of fitness and health came from my high school sports days.

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing…I’m a klutz! If there is an accident to occur, chances are it was me. Sprained ankle, broken toe, shoulder injury – you name it, I probably had that happen to me. Because of my frequent accidents or injuries, I started to focus more on my general health. This included going to the gym, doing yoga, and watching what I eat. These are all things that have helped me stay “reasonably” healthy since leaving school.

Speaking of which…after high school, I went to college (Go Raiders!} and I have become a teacher. I’ve always loved kids and learning, so education is a perfect combination of the two. My kids in school have become an extension of my family.

I am very fortunate to have a great family, away from school, too. I have been married to the greatest guy in the world, Rob (sorry ladies, you will have to settle for the second best!) for fifteen years, and we couldn’t be happier. Our family also includes Jessie, our twelve year old daughter and Will, our nine year old son. If that is not enough, we also have two rescue dogs, Boomer and Lucy, and two cats, Sandy and Mittens. In addition, from time to time we have had other family/animal additions such as fish, hamsters, bugs and an assortment of other critters. It’s never a surprise when something scurries by my feet when I’m trying to relax.

Since I am a nut about fitness and health, I thought I would share the love with you, and that’s why I created this blog. I hope you enjoy my posts (when I have the time) on healthkissed.com. I will talk about health and fitness related things in my life (and in the world), and feel free to let me know what you think. Thanks for visiting!